Multiplying big numbers

Feeling Geeky

This little program is designed to emulate the feats of a small number of people who can multiply large numbers, including those much bigger than what a pocket calculator can display, in their heads.

Enter one number into each of the boxes.  Both numbers have to be whole numbers, i.e. no decimal points.

Then click on the button, and the product of the two numbers will appear in the box, with commas as thousand-separators. Once the product appears in the box below, you can right click it, select the number, and then copy it to other places, like in a word processor document for example.

Then select the type of thousand separator, i.e the whether you want a space, comma, dot, apostrophe or nothing, at every three digits, on the drop-down menu.

First number:

Second number:

Thousand Separator


Output will be displayed here