Welcome to my Website on Asperger’s Syndrome. This website is an attempt to give someone an idea of what it is like to have Asperger’s Syndrome.

My name is Derek, and it was in 2009, that I got a formal diagnosis, specifically that I meet the criteria for Asperger’s Syndrome DSM IV. Prior to that, I was fairly sure I had the condition since being informed that such a condition existed, and before that, I was told that while I wasn’t “autistic”, I had “autistic tendencies”. I usually refer to the condition simply as “AS”. In today’s busy lifestyle anything is fair game for getting abbreviated, and Asperger’s Syndrome is no exception.

In this website, I am discussing various topics in relation to AS. In “My Experiences”, I also have pages under “Relevant Topics” and “Employment Topics”, which touch on individual things and notable observations in the context of someone with AS. I also have some topics that would be of interest to someone in the process of job hunting, but also on improving one’s chances of “fitting-in” to the organisation at work.

And then in the “Feeling Geeky?” section, I have a number of pages to perform various maths calculations, and these pages have an element of Javascript to make them work.

I will also put up posts from time to time, about different subjects, relating to AS in some way or another, the links to which will appear on this page.

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