Employment Topics

This section is broken down into a number of sub-topics as follows:

Getting a job – where I will be talking about some of the challenges often faced by people with ASDs when it comes to getting a job, and by this I mean a well-paying job that the one’s talents, not just stacking shelves in a supermarket. I will also mention other points such as writing a good CV, and work experience.

Hard skills – where I will talk about skills that would be required, beneficial, or would come in handy to complete a typical task at work.

Soft Skills – I have five separate pages, in each one of which I talk about a type of skill that someone with AS was probably not exactly “born with”, but will have to acquire and develop later on. These are known as “soft skills” and are just as important as the “hard skills” in a typical job situation. These skills are communication, attitude, teamwork, networking, and problem-solving.

Communication – an important topic, and more so in the workplace. It is here that I will be discussing where you need to talk to others, about your intentions, the way forward when a situation arises to name but a few.

Attitude – someone who has a positive attitude often has a better chance of succeeding in many aspects of employment, not least of these is in a job interview, and it can be defined as a manner, disposition, feeling or position towards a person, thing or event, a tendency or orientation, especially of the mind, for example, a “can do” attitude.

Teamwork – very often, a task or project will involve several players, who each have a specific role in the task or project. And sometimes there are times when someone has to do a duty normally done by someone else.

Networking – in a nutshell, is having circles of friends or other types of contacts. In its basic form, one would typically have a personal network, to include immediate and extended family members, probably school friends etc., and also a professional network, to include one or more set of work-related contacts.

Problem solving – almost every day, one will face some problems in one form or another, and of varying degrees of complexity. It is important that we tackle all problems, in a way that is agreeable to everyone that is concerned, limiting the negative consequences, rather than just sweeping them under the rug and hoping they will go away.